Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law

The firm’s intellectual property department is involved in all aspects of intellectual property law ranging from designs, trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Our lawyers generally assist in registration, filing and processing of trademark, copyright and patents in Nigeria.

We handle contentious and non-contentious matters in all areas of Intellectual property and also offer various intellectual property law services. The Firm also advises wide range of individuals and corporations on the intellectual property laws protection in Nigeria.

Our lawyers also engage in various aspects of intellectual property law litigation in Nigeria.

Property Law

Windsor Law Firm is proud of well skilled and experienced lawyers focusing on property law that represent clients in the sale, acquisition and perfection of title to land; drafting of wills, obtaining probate or letters of administration and management of property. We ensure all matters and interest of the clients are handled diligently and competently. We go as far as handling contentious and non-contentious matters in succession and conveyancing cases.

Key Property Law Areas We Handle:

  1. Sale & Conveyancing of Property
  2. Commercial Property Transactions Advisory
  3. Management of Property/Estate
  4. Legal Drafting
  5. Land Use Approvals
  6. Will Probate & Contest
  7. Leasehold & Tenancy Agreements
  8. Mortgages
  9. Investigation on Properties

Maritime Law

Windsor Law Firm engages in shipping and maritime law transactions and advisory in Nigeria. We offer legal advisory and other legal services bothering on international trade law in Nigeria.

Our lawyers have assisted teaming clients in various aspects of shipping and maritime matters in Nigeria

The Firm’s maritime law engagements include the followings:

  • Ship brokering
  • Ship purchase
  • Ship chartering
  • Maritime claims & liens
  • Ship arrest
  • Seafarers’ welfare

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The law firm is equipped with vibrant lawyers legally qualified to appear in every competent court in Nigeria. We handle both civil and criminal litigation.

Our lawyers have appeared in all courts of superior records in Nigeria to represent various clients

We have come to understand that due to the complexities arising in the commercial sector, commercial disputes are bound to happen.  Our team also boasts of expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) who can achieve the interest of their clients.  Our ADR lawyers can represent either individual or corporate clients in any arbitral proceedings and negotiation.

We engage in general civil litigation which include commercial litigation, corporate litigation, tax litigation, family litigation and among others.

Family Law

The law firm covers all the broad aspect of family law.

Our family law practice includes divorce, judicial separation, annulment of marriage and other matrimonial matters.

We also engage in other family matters such as custody of children, children maintenance, adoption and guardianship.

Our lawyers also help to draft or review pre-nuptial agreement and offer general legal guidance and advisory on family planning.

tax litigation, family litigation and among others.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our high professional team of skilled and experienced lawyers offers wide range of corporate and commercial law services, including company registration, registration of foreign subsidiary, business setup, advisory, regulatory & compliance and company secretarial services among others.

The firms also focus on various aspects of commercial law and litigation. Our lawyers assist in various commercial transactions on behalf of clients. Our Counsel negotiate different contracts and transactions for clients competently and advise on any legal pitfall that may have adverse effect on business transactions in future.

We also help various clients to review and redrafts various commercial agreements such franchising agreements, intellectual property licensing, simple contracts, commercial agreements among others.

Energy & Natural Resources

We cover legal, regulatory and policy matters that arise in mining, oil, gas, power and renewable sector in the economy. Our lawyers understands the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas sector.

The Firm offers services to various clients seeking legal advisory on oil & gas related sector in Nigeria. Our lawyers have successfully worked for different companies in oil and gas sectors in Nigeria incredible record of success.

Our lawyers also advise various companies on matters relating to power and mining law competently

Entertainment & Media Law

Our law firm covers the entire legal services required in the entertainment and media industry in Nigeria.  Entertainment law involves the application of torts, contracts, finance, right to privacy, insurance law, taxation law and intellectual property law principles to the interactions between individuals in the entertainment industry.

We also advise clients on legislation regulating media, film, music, publishing, internet etc.

Key Areas

  1. Media & Music
  2. Copyright & Trademark
  3. Licensing & Royalty
  4. Brand Protection & Merchandizing


Taxation Law

Windsor law firm took it upon itself to have some professionals who are knowledgeable about the existing tax laws in Nigeria, so as to assist our clients (especially companies\0 navigate the Nigerian complex tax issues.

We advice our client to meet regulation and compliance needs of our clients. Our tax advisory covers all taxation aspects in Nigeria.

We go further to act on behalf of our clients in complaints and appeals before the tax authorities and litigation as a last resort.

Information & Communication Technology Law

The world is moving in a way that information technology is now the backbone of business activity. This area of law addresses the issues that arise when companies develop, license, acquire, or sell information technology and computer related products and services.

We have skilled and experienced lawyers that advise clients ranging from start-up enterprises to large multinational corporations. The team work with clients to structure, draft and negotiate agreements to meet the client’s needs and tackle commercial risk.

Our ICT law also focuses on Financial Technology (FINTECH) setup in Nigeria.

We assist clients to obtain requisite approval in technology industry offer general advisory.